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Intro, Pre-Freeskate and Freeskate 1-6

Skaters are always excited to graduate to Freeskate. During the Basic 1-6 classes, they have already been introduced to beginning spins, jumps, spirals and other simple free skating elements. Each Freeskate level is divided into four sections: Moves in the Field - Dance Sequence- Spins - Jumps. All elements should be mastered before skater advances to the next Freeskate level.
The Freeskate levels are designed to build skaters a strong foundation. Once a skater graduates from Freeskate 6, they will show good use of edges, proper skating skills, all basic spin positions and all single jumps.
Click here for Intro & Freeskate 1 - 6 Curriculum


The Adult curriculum is designed for the beginner adult skater. It will promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques. Divided into four levels, adult skaters will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated. This is an exciting program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable way for a fit and healthy lifestyle.
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Specialty Classes

Low /Medium Power
For our basic skills figure skaters Basic 6 - FreeSkate 2

Medium/High Power
Featuring the same fundamentals as High Power, this class is tailored for Freestyle 3 adn up.

Spin/Jump Clinic
Freeskate 1 & up. In this class skaters will focus on advanced spin and jump techniques. Skaters will work on jumps/spins in their current skating level, as well as jumps/spins in advanced levels.

Moves in the Field
Freeskate 2 & up. This is an advanced class that allows skaters to learn level appropriate Moves in the Field patterns. Skaters will spend their time on advanced turns and patterns to prepare for USFS testing standards. A rated professional will teach this class to ensure the skaters receive the most up to date and accurate coaching in this field.

Core Blaster
We also offer strength and conditioning for skaters of all levels, helping with core strength and flexibility.

Introduction to Dance
The introduction to dance class will focus on components of ice dancing and basic edges and turns. At the end of the class they will put together the sequences to learn pattern dances. (This class does not run in the spring/summer session)
Clilck here for dance curriculum