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Patriots Swim Lessons

Learning to swim can be one of the most memorable experiences of childhood. Patriots Swim Lessons aims to provide high standards of water confidence, swimming techniques, and water skills. Our swim lessons are educational, fun, and take place in a safe environment.

Group Swim Lessons

For more information or any questions about group swim lessons, please contact [email protected] 

A parent or guardian must be present in the aquatics facility for swim lessons. 

Fall 2022 Swim Lesson Information Coming Soon!

How to Register for Aquatics

  • Online Click Here
  • In person at the RecPlex front desk
  • Over the phone (262-947-0437, option 1)

Parent-Tot (Ages 6-35 months)
Parents will learn how to hold and move their infants/toddlers as they learn to be comfortable in a safe aquatic environment. Water skills include kicking, floating, and pulling. Parents are in the water for this class.

Level 1 (Ages 3-12 years)
Designed for children who have never had a swim lesson before. Participants will work on the following skills: putting their face in the water, floating, kicking, and bobs.

Level 2 (Ages 3-12 years)
Designed for children who are already comfortable putting their face in the water and floating on their own. Participants will learn to kick on their back and on a board as well as being introduced to basic front crawl/freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers in Level 2 will master streamline glides on their front and back, be introduced to sitting dives, and begin to swim on their own. 

Level 3 (Ages 4-16 years)
Participants joining Level 3 should be able to swim on their own during freestyle and backstroke. At this stage we will be learning breaststroke and butterfly kick, as well as being introduced to kneeling dives. 

Level 4 (Ages 4-16 years)
Participants will work on skills such as rotary breathing during freestyle, standing dives from the side and the block, and will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly.

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