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Donation Policy 

The Village of Pleasant Prairie and the Recreation Department welcome requests for donations from the RecPlex. Unfortunately, our ability to give is limited in relation to the number of requests we receive on an annual basis. In keeping with the mission of the RecPlex, we have chosen to allocate our donation resources to community based initiatives that support and promote the health and well-being of the youth in our community through the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Donation Policy Request Form

Guidelines and Criteria

  • As a municipal government entity, RecPlex cannot give any cash donations. Donations of gift certificates and day passes are given.
  • Rather than donating large amounts to fewer organizations, the Village desires to provide a greater number of donations to an increased number of organizations. Therefore, donations will be limited to the three choices listed.
  • All requests must be submitted by completing this form on the link above at least 30 days in advance of expected pick-up date.
  • Consideration is given to charitable, non-profit organizations. No funding is given to political candidates or organizations.
  • Donations will be granted only once per calendar year to any particular organization or endeavor.