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Adult Hockey Leagues & Programs

Old Geezers 

The purpose of the Old Geezers league is to provide a safe, and enjoyable game of hockey for older hockey players (35+). Two teams of 16 skaters and two goalies are divided randomly each week. Players should bring a light and dark jersey with them each week. One referee will officiate the game, and score will be kept by that referee. Blatant penalties will result in a penalty shot. 

Please click here to visit the Geezers homepage for more information.

SNHL (Sunday Night Hockey League)

The Sunday Night Hockey League aims to provide a competitive, enjoyable and safe game of hockey at consistent times each week. Our unique game format limits the typical aggression associated with many men's leagues. Our league follows all USA Hockey Rules and Regulations. To see a full list of league rules please visit our league website.

Please click here to visit the SNHL homepage

Ankle Breakers 

Ankle Breakers is an adult beginner program open to anyone who has an interest in playing hockey (organized or unorganized). This program will teach you all the basics of skating,
stick-handling/shooting and the basic game of hockey. No prior experience is needed. The program consists of 45 minutes of skills and drills ran by a coach, followed by a scrimmage. 

Full gear is recommend to participate in the Ankle Breakers program. Optional pieces of equipment would be shoulder pads & pants.

Program runs Monday nights - No pre-registration is required, simply just show up. 
Please reference the monthly Open Hockey calendars HERE for up to date times.

Cost: $14 per game buy-on, or 13 session punch card for $140/$152.

Rookie League

Practice your skills at our Ankle Breakers class on Monday nights and use what you learned in a game setting on Friday nights. 

The games in the Friday Night Rookie League will be officiated by one referee.  The Friday Night Rookie League is designed specifically for adult beginner level skaters who have little to no experience on the ice or with the game of hockey.  The Friday Night Rookie League would be your first step into joining an actual team in our more traditional men’s league – Sunday Night Hockey League. 


  • Per Game Buy-on: $20 
  • Punch Card (10 sessions): $150 RecPlex member / $165 non-member

No pre-registration is required, simply just show up and pay your fee. Please reference the monthly open hockey calendar for up to date times and days as there are some days there is no games.